Here’s a quick way to create the unique reports every finance department needs to deliver.

Paul Hollcraft, Global Partner Manager

Financial Dashboard

Finance in the modern enterprise has brought about a need for improved technology to meet a unique set of requirements. Too often, companies already have a Business Intelligence system in place but many of these systems aren’t designed with the needs of the finance department in mind.  If you’re in finance and considering your own solution, here are a few things we’re hearing from financial professionals in the enterprise:

Typically, financial professionals are focused on producing accurate management reports quickly to meet critical deadlines.

The question becomes: what technology can help us automate regular reports to free up time for financial analysis and higher level activities to enable growth?

Clare O’Hara, Information System Manager for J. Murphy & Sons Limited shares her perspective:

“The growth of our company in recent years created a tangible need for improving reporting efficiency and achieving better use of the finance team’s resources,” explained Clare. (Read the full case study here).

Other companies are limited by access to scarce programming talent to create reports. In the case of Davis & Shirtliff—a water equipment distributor—financial reports could only be produced by developers. This process took five to six days each month to create a series of reports for senior-level managers. Most companies don’t have the luxury of a long wait time for critical reports. (Read the full case study here)

You likely already have the right mix of technology in place to implement a finance-centric BI and reporting system.

When looking for a technology solution to alleviate these issues, value and cost were primary considerations for the companies we talked to. They find it is easy to justify costs with solutions that save precious resource time, and ideally offer tools familiar to every accounting professional already.

Ideally, the sweet spot for finance departments is a low initial cost, a shortened implementation time and an ability to automate management reports.

Would you like to streamline financial reporting for your company? Sign up today for a no-obligation demo of Jet Enterprise. With an average installation time of 2 hours, you can create meaningful board-ready reports and dashboards immediately.

Secret Sessions at Convergence 2014

Emiley Oster, VP of US Sales

Everyone knows about the keynotes and sessions on the conference agenda but what if we told you that you can become the ultimate insider at Convergence this year?

If you’re like us, you spend 10-16 hours a day at a conference, not counting the off-time you spend tackling the work that’s piling up while you’re gone. You feel like you need to make the most out of the limited time you have to spare.

Don’t waste my time, you’re thinking. It’s an investment to come to an event like Convergence!

We’d like to offer more value than you bargained for with Jet Reports Secret Sessions. (more…)

What Every CIO Ought to Know About Data Discovery and Business Intelligence (And Probably Does)

Joe Little, President

Executives in every industry and sector are increasingly being asked to help make strategic IT decisions. A commonly asked question is “how can we use technology to strengthen our competitive advantage?”

Two popular technologies being used by companies today are data discovery and business intelligence. Both technologies are used to turn raw data into useful information. Both can help strengthen a competitive advantage— but each serves a unique purpose.

Although these technologies are related, it’s important to note that data discovery is not business intelligence. Data discovery tools are very popular today because they extend the capability of individuals to contribute by identifying trends and patterns that lead to new discoveries about the world. These discoveries can be very valuable. (more…)

How to beat the competition with Business Intelligence

Jim P. Andrews, Vice President of Sales

Competitive advantage means a company has or does something uniquely excellent. This is important because as you are reading this, your industry is changing and shifting under your feet. Competitors are watching how you evolve and are copying your products and services. Do you have flat rate shipping? They’ve got free. Released a new product? They’re working on the next version. The only way to do something uniquely excellent is to constantly push the envelope through continuous improvement.

In chess, the best of the best; the Grandmasters think many moves ahead for both sides. They know what will happen before it happens. More important than this, they are skilled at evaluating possible decisions before they take action. The most successful Grandmasters notate their games, collecting data from each round. They can then learn from, and leverage the data from thousands of games in order to beat their opponents. Intuition is valuable, but intuition based on data wins every time.

“Intuition is valuable, but intuition based on data wins every time.”

The good news is, your company likely already has the data it needs to make a bigger impact in the marketplace. You have valuable information to help you make better decisions. Think financials, customer databases and sales pipeline data, just to start. The question is: can you use this data to outperform the competition? (more…)

Jet Reports Forms Strategic Partnership with LS Retail

Brian Petersen, Director of Business Intelligence Solutions

We are happy to announce a new partnership created to benefit Dynamics NAV retail customers across the globe.

We have joined forces with LS Retail, the leader in retail for Microsoft Dynamics, to create a complete retail reporting and Business Intelligence platform for LS Retail clients.

So what does this mean? Together, we’ve built a Business Intelligence solution covering all major facets of the retail organization that enables LS Retail customers to analyze retail sales across stores, item variant profitability, loss prevention statistics, and make informed decisions based on their member management information. These are just a few of the things that we have collaborated on. It is this functionality that will help our retail customers make sense of the vast amounts of data available to them. (more…)

A partner perspective on why Business Intelligence matters

Jon Oesch, VP, Business Intelligence Sales

Hi Folks – today we have a guest blog from a well-known Microsoft re-seller and Jet Reports partner on why BI matters and how to think about it in the context of your ERP development. Aside from the sparkling writing by Andi Conti, this will link you to a web site with tons of good content on everything from Cost Accounting to Supply Chain optimization. Read more.

Happy Reading!


Jet Mobility

Joe Little, President

Jet mobility is getting ready to pilot and I thought I’d take a few minutes to talk about it. First of all, mobility is probably a pretty terrible name for this feature set, but perhaps our marketing group will square this away by the time that we start the pilot in September.

Mobility describes some of the endpoints of the new features, but a better description of the next version is a 3-tier architecture extension of the solution stack.

That’s not a very snappy feature name, so in development we’ve been using mobility as a reasonably accurate shorthand name.

If you aren’t familiar with Jet Reports, here’s a quick summary. (more…)

Data Discovery: sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know

Jon Oesch, VP, Business Intelligence Sales

I once had a boss who would start his regular interrogations of me by saying: “Look, I don’t know what I don’t know on this. You need to help me come up with some smart questions.”

It used to drive me crazy, but now I understand the wisdom behind that statement: “I don’t know what I don’t know.”

Some things you know. For example: you know you have receivables at your company.

You sometimes know what you don’t know. For example: I need to know (but I don’t) what the final receivables number was for last month.

This is typically what the standard reports in your company are designed to tell you–the things you already know you should know. (more…)

Business Intelligence Strategy Talk

Jon Oesch, VP, Business Intelligence Sales

I gave a presentation at the most recent NAVUG/GPUG/AXUG Summit on practical Business Intelligence strategy. This talk covers a wide range of topics designed to give the audience some places to start thinking about how to evaluate BI solutions – whether BI is right for them and how they might use it. Our video crew here at Jet just reminded me that they filmed the session and it can be viewed on demand.

Just so nobody has to listen to me drone on about my favorite topic for 45 minutes, you may fast-forward to relevant chapters within the video player! Happy viewing:

What are Business Intelligence Cubes?

Jim P. Andrews, Vice President of Sales

What are Business Intelligence Cubes?

What are Business Intelligence Cubes?

Most of us use databases in our daily lives, whether we know it or not: ERP systems, SQL databases, CRM systems, and even Excel files that are storing data as a “database”, so to speak. These databases are wonderful for collecting and storing information, but not always so great at showing that data in a meaningful way when we want to analyze this information in-depth. Why is this, you ask? Because databases are always designed to get data inserted in the most efficient manner, which frequently creates headaches when users try to get interesting data back out. (more…)

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