Jet Reports 2015 Certifications Accepting New Members Now

Sarah Kloser, Services Manager

Prove your knowledge

If getting to the next level in your career is part of your plans, here’s something that has helped others become the go-to reporting expert in their companies and beyond.

The Jet Reports Certification program is a skills-based program designed by our in-house experts to help you learn and validate your expertise across the spectrum of reporting and Business Intelligence.

A series of tests help you track your knowledge in every aspect of the Jet Reports portfolio of solutions with the backing of a company that is well-respected in the Microsoft Dynamics community.

To make this as easy as possible for you certification is free.

Gain credibility

With each certification you earn, you’ll get an associated logo for email signatures, and we’ll mail you a physical certificate. The logo and certificate are crafted by a professional graphics designer and will give your certification unique credibility.

In addition to the career-enhancing benefits, with the highest certification level, the Jet Reports Certified Trainer, you will gain access to the same training materials that Jet Reports provides in our training classes. There is also an opportunity to open up additional revenue streams as you teach others how to become reporting experts.

The 2015 Jet Reports Certification Program is now accepting new members.

Why update your certification?

The 2015 Jet Reports Certification Program has been designed to access your skills with the latest features in Jet Essentials 2015. By updating your certification, you can demonstrate that you have knowledge of the latest from Jet Reports.

Which certificate is right for you?

Jet Reports offers various levels of certifications and endorsements, based on your experience. Follow the links below to learn more or to take the new, 2015 Jet Reports Certification exam.

Taking Business Analytics beyond the Golf Course: What it Really Means to “Go Mobile”

Tara Grant, Director of Worldwide Sales

It shouldn’t come as any shock that the era of running businesses or departments by being chained to a desk is quickly fading. But what you might not see is how the concept of “remote” is expanding beyond the capability of working from a different location than the headquarter office. What you will see is the evolution of “Going Mobile”. (more…)

The ‘Amazon Effect’: Why Companies who Need Marketing also Need BI

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Jet Enterprise 2014 Service Release 1 (SR1)

Brian Petersen, Director of Business Intelligence Solutions

As both the largest and fastest growing Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting provider in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, Jet Reports is proud to announce the global release of Jet Enterprise 2014 Service Release 1 (SR1). A number of valuable new features and substantial performance improvements have been added to our flagship BI platform. (more…)

Meet us in St. Louis!

Diane L. Saeger, Vice President of Marketing

Join Jet Reports and thousands of Microsoft Dynamics® users at Summit 2014, October 14-17, in St. Louis, MO. Jet Reports is excited to partner with Summit to offer learning opportunities on a variety of topics from Excel to Business Intelligence. Check out our full session schedule to find out where to catch us. After sessions, come meet the Jet team at our booth #1017 and get a live demo of Jet Mobile, an interactive enterprise Business Intelligence application for mobile devices, and Jet Express for Word, a free document reporting solution for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV. (more…)

Jet Reports Releases Jet Essentials 2015

Diane L. Saeger, Vice President of Marketing

Jet Essentials 2015 introduces compatibility for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, OAuth authentication and reporting performance improvements.

Jet Essentials 2015 is fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. This version introduces OAuth authentication for NAV 2015 data sources. OAuth is an authorization method commonly used to log into third-party websites using Office 365, Facebook or Twitter accounts, allowing users to not worry about their access credentials being compromised. (more…)

Jet Reports Releases Jet Mobile for Jet Enterprise

Diane L. Saeger, Vice President of Marketing

Jet Mobile gives Jet Enterprise users the freedom to access Business Intelligence on mobile devices

Portland OR – October 8, 2014 – Jet Reports is pleased to announce the release of Jet Mobile, an interactive enterprise Business Intelligence application for mobile devices. Designed to meet the demands of the modern mobile workforce, Jet Mobile gives you the power to access your Jet Enterprise Business Intelligence data where you need it, when you need it. With a touch of your fingertips, your company’s key performance data can be accessed at home, in a lunch meeting, or on the golf course. (more…)

From Reporting to Analytics: 5 Eye-Opening Examples of How Business Intelligence Fuels Profitable Change

Tara Grant, Director of Worldwide Sales

There comes a time for every growing business when reporting alone can’t provide the deeper insight needed to make decisions that build a better future.

The journey from reporting to Business Intelligence (BI) is an evolution. As your business grows, reports raise questions about underlying causes that are no longer simple to track down. BI empowers users to find correlations, patterns and outliers. As your organization matures, BI provides new perspectives that can fine tune operations and uncover new opportunities – to fuel profitable change. (more…)

Announcing: The Free Document Reporting Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Diane L. Saeger, Vice President of Marketing

Portland OR – October 1, 2014 – Jet Reports is pleased to announce the release of Jet Express for Word, a free document reporting solution available in partnership with Microsoft.

Jet Express for Word is a new feature available to Microsoft Dynamics users which makes it easy for end users to design documents in Microsoft Word. This feature is part of Jet Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and is available to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 users.

Modify Reports in Microsoft Word
Make changes to an invoice or credit memo in Microsoft Word — no programming required. You can use document templates that we provide, templates from the Office Store, or create a document from scratch. Add company logos, change fonts, modify fields and customize for multiple regions easily. (more…)

Business Intelligence Education Series

Paul Hollcraft, Global Partner Manager

Join Jet Reports’ own Business Intelligence expert, Lars Rasmussen, and fellow Microsoft Dynamics users for these short, informative webinars on the latest topics in Business Intelligence.


Consolidating Data Systems
September 30, 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM BST
Learn how bringing disparate information into a single place with a Business Intelligence solution can lower data analysis costs, decrease upgrade expenses and lead to happier users.

Register Now

Link between ERP and BI
October 28, 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM BST
Why is it hard to get data out of your ERP system? And what can you do about it? Deep dive into why business systems are designed to provide optimum value with a Business Intelligence solution built to leverage their data in order to make it easily accessible and consumable for users.

Register Now (more…)

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